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About Connections

The Connections group is a way for people to get together to socialise. It's for people who are keen to get out more but find it difficult to go on their own.
The events come from our members' suggestions.
You will be warmly welcomed and your confidentiality respected.
There is no base, everything is community-based.
There is a facilitator at every event.

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What does being a member mean?

Being a member of Connections Group can involve as much or as little as you like. Every month we send out a newsletter and a diary of events. As a member, you can come along to as many of these events as you like, or none at all if nothing takes your fancy in a month.
In fact, the majority of events you can just decide to come along to at the last minute if you want. We usually use public transport, i.e. buses and trains, and because we are community-based we simply meet up at the relevant bus or train station in Exeter.

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What sort of events do we run?

The events run through the Connections Group are varied and we try to suit as many tastes as possible. Events often range from visits to the theater and cinema, 3 to 5 mile walks, visits to places of interest like local towns, historic houses / gardens, pitch & putt and bowling. We often go out for meals too.

We hold regular meetings which all members are welcome to attend.  

New ideas for events are very welcome.

Some people in the group like to get together outside of our events and meetings.

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Who can join?

Connections Group Exeter is for people that are coping with mental health difficulties and living in the community in or around Exeter. The project is primarily for those who are feeling isolated, don't use other services and may also be suffering from Anxiety or Depression.

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About: Testimonials

Below are some comments from people who have used Connections

''My Confidence has increased after going places with the group"

"It gets me out, it motivates me"

"Mixing with people who have similar problems to me"

"Connections has made me less reliant on other Mental health Services"

"It lifts my mood"

"Instils motivation to get the day started"

"Less Isolation"

"Feeling liked and accepted for who I am"

How much does it cost?

We try to ensure that events are as affordable as possible.  Everyone simply pays for their own tickets / entrance fees / travel fares. The majority of trips out are via public transport. People are welcome to bring their own refreshments if they wish to keep the cost down.

We try to have a coach trip each month & we fundraise to make this more affordable, it normally works out around £10 a trip.

We  also ask for a contribution of £5 every 6 months to help cover costs of events.

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How do I join?

To join Connections Group Exeter you should speak to your Care Manager, Support worker  or your G.P. Please point them towards this web site, they can download a Referral form from the 'Contact Us' section and they are, of course, welcome to call the facilitator on 07587119356 or email

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Contact: Connections Group Exeter

c/o CoLab Exeter, Wat Tyler House, King William Street, Exeter,  EX4 6PD

If you have any questions about the group or would like to get in touch for any reason, then please don't hesitate to telephone or email.

Tel . 07587119356

email :

OR you can download our referral form by clicking on the button below –

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